Deb. J -  Georgetown, MA


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My wife and I were looking for someone to help us bring our vision of a Bed & Breakfast into reality! We had the very outdated shell of a 1977 bi-level home. It was approx. 1800 sq.ft. & our designs had us expanding it into 4500 sq. ft. Construction involved taking the entire back off the house and adding 20 ft. as well as an additional 2000 sq ft. of living space next to it. We got pricing from 4 builders and ended up choosing  Kline Building & Design Group for the job because of their competitive pricing,  understanding of our price sensitivity, as well as their personality. We just got the idea that he would be able to get the job. done.

We weren't disappointed. Todd & his KBD team added 2700 sq ft. to the existing house - part of the construction taking place with my mother-in-law still living there. His team handled her privacy extremely well while still continuing the construction process. Throughout the project, Todd was also flexible enough to hand some of the changes that we decided up "on the fly"! With the completion date looming where actual renters were slated to arrive, they finished the job when they needed to without cutting corners. 4 years later, we have had no major challenges whatsoever with the construction or integrity of the structure.

I would recommend Kline Building & Design Group because they truly put themselves into every aspect of the job. They care about what they are building and it shows. They have the knowledge of the systems they are installing, maintained a very clean work site, remained available and approachable throughout the entire process and was willing to go the extra mile.

Last year we had an incident with our septic pump because of a power outage. I called a "big name" plumber who came to the property and proceeded to give ma a laundry list of things that they needed to do to fix the issue... to the tune of several thousand dollars. I called Kline Building & Design Group who were able to provide me with the information on the system they installed. I took that information back to the plumber & never heard from them again! KBD stood by what they installed, assured me to was fine and apparently the plumber agreed. The owner of KBD saved me thousands of dollars!

I truly believe anyone that hire Kline Building & Design Group will get the same: good work done by someone that is knowledgeable, good at what they do and places themselves into every job and someone that you can trust!

Erik Stothart - Owner of The Hamburg Hideaway!

I am an out-of-town investor and I was referred to Kline Building & Design Group by my realtor. I deal with construction companies all over the the country and without a doubt they are hands down the best in all the aspects I require to complete my projects. My partner was totally impressed with the follow thru and constant communications. Everyday we were fed information by email text pictures and phone. The project is complete and we are IMPRESSED and will be using them for our upcoming projects!